Thermal by PrintBox

PrintBox for Thermal
Windows 7/8.0/8.1/10

Microsoft Word Windows user? Print tickets tonight using our newest TM15 Office Editions. Add thermal printing capability to your Desktop capabilities with PrintBox for Thermal which is built into our TM15 Office Editions.

If your application calls for Reserved Tickets, our LightsUp package will convert your seating plan to generate tickets by Section or by the entire House.

Also included: watermark design and patterned background to color-code your tickets and prevent counterfeiting.

Other PrintBox Tools coordinate with PrintBox for Thermal -- you can use the same data to generate promotional tickets to be purchased at the desktop; mailers for Season Tickets, and Elek-Tronic tickets for instant fulfillment.

If you're creative, you'll get the entire PrintBox Mission in one phone conference. Arrange for a call HERE. Give us a phone number and we'll meet up!

We recommend: download TM15 to get your basic ticket structure setup:

TM15 Office Editions create a complete ticket file for printing on your own paper OR use our blanks OR buy from your local office supply store, OR order PrintBox continuous forms for your thermal printer.
Color-code your season with classic borders or custom watermarks without custom costs!
TM15 is widely used for raffle tickets, general admission tickets, coupons, and promotions...produces numbered tickets of any size from a full page to ten tickets per page! Print up to 10,000 tickets per month. Billed annually $35.45. Shop with Secured Credit Card or PayPal:

PrintBox Thermal Tickets
available with Zebra Technologies Printer
The Zebra GK Printer No ribbons. PrintBox Thermal Papers accept any image. Print and Cut Tickets in one pass. Color coded or watermarked in your choice of design.
Suitable for Front Desk or Box Office operation. Available in standard 2"x5-1/2" or custom sizes.
Pay for your entire print cost by offering advertising space on the back of each ticket!

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