Chicago 1988:
We were running a small printing and publishing business called Security Printing. Our clients were hospitals, schools, automotive parts manufacturers, and whoever else we could find.
Many of our clients were involved personally in fundraising for their churches and non-profit causes which required tickets. Often, we would donate the printing as a goodwill gesture. Maybe that is why we started to get requests for tickets from new groups!
Now it was time to start charging; but how much, and did we really want to print tickets for a living? Karen, our typesetter, was the first to suggest that schools could print their own tickets if we could give them a little script to run on their brand-new AT or XT computers.
We found some smart college kids and they went to work. The first product was called TKTMKR (no vowels, get it?). Since that time, some 30,000 users have downloaded later versions of that same product, including buyers from Australia, Skye, Cook Island, Canada, and most US states...

Fast Forward to 2015:
1) New company name -- The PrintBoxGroup.
2) New products -- On Line, On Stage, and on your Desktop.
3) Virtual Tickets you don't even need to print, anti-counterfeiting techniques for when you do, and local printing in all major markets.

Mark on your 2016 calendar - 'check out these ticket tools.' You could remove a zero from your ticket budget.

Ticket Printer...


PrintBox Office Edition. Win7, Win8, Win10

Ticket Designer...


DIY-TICKETS.COM -- a complete design interface.

Ticket Delivery...


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