Just A Big Box...
CAT Scanner In A Box

That box contained the first $250,000 in tickets for a great car raffle.

This nonprofit committed to raise one million dollars for their local hospital to acquire a state-of-the-art CAT scanner.

The non-profit regularly makes these multi-year committments. They have reached their goals consistently over the years.

PrintBox coordinated their artwork using TM14, and furnished the 3X forms required for this Jumbo ticket format. Numbering was generated automatically by TM14.

They set a three-month goal for ticket sales. Result: 92% sold.

The interesting thing about this chapter of a worldwide fraternal organization is that they have meeting these one-million-dollar goals for years; when one campaign is completed, they begin anew.

Often, the cost of these major campaigns runs into five digits. The designer of this project found that using Ticket Tools by PrintBox, he was able to keep the cost under $1,000.