A Really Pretty Park...
Count The Tickets...

Probably enough to cover this park!

Our long-time client has produced thousands of tickets on his own printer for the local high school. Even though he lives in the most picturesque of Upstate cities, their school district is not exempt from budget cuts.

John reports: "We changed computers last year, and could not create our tickets with the PrintBox software. After a call to them, we located the datafile from last year's performances and we were able to generate this year's tickets using MailMerge from Microsoft Word.

"Those savings go right into funding our drama department.

"When we first started to print our own tickets, we paid to set up our seating layout once. After that, the data files will generate a ticket for every seat. Mergefiles built into the ticket can stay the same year after year. We just change the text and the graphic!"

John noted that some schools have spent $1 for every ticket. "We spend $30 a show for some pre-perforated blanks."

If your ticket production costs have continued to increase every year, you might want to explore the zero dollars option from PrintBox!

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