How To Send Your Ticket

If you need a ticket numbered which has been created on the Mac,
this may help: Files containing up to 50,000 numbered tickets can be generated in PDF
format. Barcoding is also available. Ticket forms are also available from PrintBox
in any color or format.

If you wish to generate your own numbered tickets ready to print,
click here to run our Online Version which generates your file for you
(please verify availability for your iOS device).

PDF files are available as Output Files for all PrintBox Templates.
These files cannot be edited without special software available from Adobe,
but they provide an accurate look at the layout (and imposition) of PrintBox

If you have a copy of Microsoft Office for Mac you should be able to convert
any of the Windows Versions of PrintBox templates as seen in TM15 for Windows.

We also provide a conversion service which will return your file complete
with your specified numbering in PDF format, ready for printing.

If you prefer to send us your ticket styled on the Mac, you can convert it
to PDF format and attach as an email to: Also please include
a text file and the location of your graphic, if any.

Here are the standard specifications recommended for transmitting a PDF file.
Most commercial printers will probably require these settings as well:
300 dpi images.
All fonts must be embedded.
Do not downsample images.
Do not password protect PDFs.