Laptop and Coffee
so you have a nonprofit ... and all you have is a laptop... sounds like you need to spend zero! If you are truly at the beginning of your journey, better get some comfortable shoes. It could be a long trip (maybe that is why so many nonprofits start with runs or walks?). Whatever your mission, you know that the trip starts with like-minded people getting together, maybe for that cup of coffee to start, then a meeting, and perhaps over time, a conference. Today, the internet is what the telephone used to be and online conference tools abound. Wherever you start, it is good idea to set goals marked by Events -- starting with that meeting. Take a look at WorldForms where you can get a free website to host that event ... even if it's a handful of people, it will give your cause a validity that can start your group toward serious recognition! A Few Suggestions... Why not start with a fundraising banquet? Or better yet, start with a fundraising committee ... get others involved, and listen to what they have to say! *** Your Own Blog Your Own Website Your Own Email