Our New Server
Free Popup Website for Free Events

We have space on our newest server for 50 more non-profit popup sites.

A popup site is not your ordinary website. A popup site is designed to actually do something -- it could be connected to a specific promotion such as Student Orientation, a Fundraiser, Tickets for a play or a musical performance.

Usually when the event ends, the popup site should end too... a popup site has been compared to a movie preview. It builds interest and shows your audience that your department is interested in keeping them informed.

To apply for a free site, fill out the worldforms questionnare here...

If approved, your site is created automatically. A shopping cart is generated so if you charge for admission you can start taking in money immediately. If you charge for admittance the worldform rate is $10/mo.

If you do not charge for admission, your worldforms site is free. Either way, worldforms will send out an email confirmation to registrants.

Your clients don't all have email addresses? Just print out the form and fold it. Our Mailer displays your clients address, ready for mailing.