PrintBox for Schools
PrintBox for Schools offers special discounts and assistance to qualifying schools seeking to produce tickets, coupons, ID cards, raffle tickets and customized educational products such as specialized flash cards. We provide free custom assistance in setting up databases, procuring forms, and assistance in printing. There is no obligation to buy anything; just let us know your department, and your area of interest. Please review this list of products, and feel free to add your specific needs. Feel free to use our new Shopify Shopping Cart and request our free consultation, free samples and free layouts!

PrintBox for Desktop
Windows 7/8.0/8.1/10

Microsoft Word Windows user? Print tickets tonight using our newest TM15 Office Editions. Choose from 48 different styles including styles to match blanks from your local office supply store.
Pricing? Remove a zero from mail-order ticket prices!
Timing? Print tickets tonight!
TM15 Office Editions create a complete ticket file for printing on your own paper OR use our blanks OR buy from your local office supply store, OR order PrintBox continuous forms for your thermal printer.
Color-code your season with classic borders or custom watermarks without custom costs!
TM15 is widely used for raffle tickets, general admission tickets, coupons, and promotions...produces numbered tickets of any size from a full page to ten tickets per page! Print up to 10,000 tickets per month. Billed annually $35.45. Shop with Secured Credit Card or PayPal:

PrintBox for Web: diy-tickets
(see these astonishing free graphic effects at
Really in a hurry? Print your tickets within the next five minutes with diy-tickets. Use it to design, proof and print to any printer in the world. Test it free at any time. Print up to 200 tickets at a time for $4.95. First-time users -- get a free ten-pack and keep on printing!

WORLD FORMS - The $10 Event Manager!
Tickets, Raffles, Membership, IDs...
Use WorldForms, to record and receive payment for virtually any school, club, event ... create an entire season with a simple interface ... build your promotions, volunteer phone room, ticket issuance, collect money, establish a solid audit trail. Run as an add-in to PrintBox for Web or as a stand-alone event manager. Put your event online in minutes, and do it for $10 a month!
See it work..
Don't need an Event Manager? Now you can print reserved seating tickets from diy-tickets.
Simple Do-It-Yourself Interface. Try it free first! $10/mo billed annually.
Never a per-ticket service charge for you or your members!

PrintBox Ticket Blanks
certified printer compatible
GRIDS-FOR-TICKETS Create an entire season of color-coded tickets. The largest assortment available.
See table of 12 sizes, 48 styles, and 9 colors. Popular sizes include: Five 7"x11" tickets per sheet; Eight 2"x5" tickets per sheet; Ten 2"x4" tickets per sheet ... Custom Sizes also available!

Stencil And Our Free Secret Weapon - STENCIL :
You'll be amazed what you can do with their WIDE, TALL, and SQUARE layouts. Originally intended for FaceBook ads, you can pack a lot of love into these layouts!