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Use WorldForms by PrintBox to create a popup website.
Built-In Shopping Cart
Start selling immediately.
Your funds available next day.

* Open for business within hours.
* Sell raffle tickets
* Theater tickets
* Invitations
* Fundraisers
* Dinners


Then keep your site private. Use it internally to track sales.
and to manage payments by check, credit cards and to build your email address;
use normal mail, or Web Tickets or promotions with tickets to be redeemed (and paid) at front desk.

Accept checks.
Accept credit cards.
Accept verbal orders.
Send a "free" ticket without printing a thing!
Enlist your volunteers who never use the internet.

REVIEW features on Reserved Ticketing and E Tickets...


Internet services are not just a fad. Even established firms are moving to the internet just to stay in business. The trick is to limit your exposure to services that You control. If you farm out your internet work, chances are you will end up with a static site which doesn't provide much incentive for people to look at it very often. But a WorldForms project can live for a week, a month, or a season; for example you can create a WorldForms site to promote a fundraiser which ends with an Award Dinner, or a dance or an annual picnic. The site can be public so you can show your donors how things are going, and to tip your hat to Top Sellers.

We recently featured a consortium of schools who sold 210,000 tickets at $5 apiece (they featured the seventh grader who sold over 5,000 tickets ... by the way, all tickets were sold for a total of $1,500,000.00).

Also a WorldForms site can be used for regular promotions -- newsletters, blogs, special notices, member recruitment, all without spending any extra money. The WorldForms site can be linked to your existing website without cost, so you don't have to pay a programmer every time you want to launch a new promotion.

As an example, look at this video showing how to set up a reserved seating system ... and remember this can be used for public viewing or for your own personal use:


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Pre Sales Questions
How Can I Verify That My Version of Word Can Run TM15?
TM15 supports Office 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 and 365. If you can access the Developers tab on your version of Word, then you can run TM15.
TM15 uses several VBA modules which are required to access TM15's features. The Developers Tab is not displayed by default. To enable, go to Word and select File>Options>Customize Ribbons, and check 'Developers'. Illustrations for many versions of Word's Developers settings can be seen at

Bookmarks are mentioned in documentation. Where are Bookmarks located?
Bookmarks are not exposed by default in some later versions of Word. To turn them On, go to File>Options>Advanced. Under Show Document Content click box for 'Show Bookmarks'.

Cannot Access Files or Folders (Error #5156)
Windows 10 Solution
To elevate your access rights to program folders such as TM15, here's your first stop:
1) Using Windows Explorer, select TM15 folder. It is located in c:/program files (x86).
2) Choose the SHARING tab, then select ADVANCED.
4) Uncheck the READ-ONLY BOX. Press OK, then APPLY.
5) Confirm Attribute Changes - 'Apply changes to this folder, subfolder and files'.
6) Return to TM15 properties and choose OK.
(Verify that these changes actually were made by repeating steps above. Some analysts report that it takes two tries.)

Windows 7 Solution
Some Technical Sites report that users must modify UAC settings. If you are on a network, always check with your system administrator before making any changes.
We did not find changes necessary on our test machines, but here it is for completeness:
Access Rights Problems usually occur because of increased security each time a new version of Windows is released. Each move -- from XP to Vista to Win7 to Win8 to Win10 -- has caused certain operations to require higher access rights. These access rights are "higher" than even those granted to the Administrator ID by default. These "elevated" rights are accessed by way of the UAC confirmation dialog which is invoked when you select to "Run As Administrator".
Assigning ownership of a file or a folder can require you to elevate your permissions by using User Access Control. Type UAC IN BOX AT LOWER LEFT OF DESKTOP, and set to lowest level (Never notify). If you are on a network, your system administrator can elevate your permission level so you can access your own folders and files.

Run-time Error #5455
(The directory name is not valid...)
If you encounter this error, you are running an early beta version of TM15. You will not see this in current versions. The error is caused by attempting to open and print other formats using TM15. We have 48 formats available in TM15. If you choose the best one, you can then import text and graphics from virtually any source without problems.

Where Is The Euro Symbol? (now available under SYMBOLS in
To enter the Euro Symbol use ALT+0128 keystrokes on the numeric keypad, with NUM
LOCK. This works in all versions of Windows. If your keypad has the AltGr key use
AltGr+e - Works in most European countries.

My Ticket Won't Print....
Your bookmarks(s) may be missing or corrupted. To fix that, go to the matching template in your Format directory and open it using File Open.
Select Bookmark on your ribbon menu (it is under Insert > Links > Bookmarks). Each ticket area should have a Stub name -- Stub1, Stub2, ...)
If one of names is missing, define it. Be sure to select just the stub-ticket areas ... not the number columns or the spacer rows between tickets. If one of the tickets is not printing correctly, choose the bad bookmark name and press 'Go To'. Make certain that stub-ticket area is highlighted correctly. If not, select the correct areas and redefine it using 'Add'. Use Save, then retest by reopening TM15 from the desktop.

How To Put A Graphic Behind Your Text
... the Shape Fill button for a text box also offers picture fill and gradient fill, so you can draw a text box to the size of one or more cells and fill it as needed. On the Insert tab, click Text Box and choose Draw Text Box from the bottom of the gallery. Draw a text box the same size as (your ticket) ... Click the Shape Fill button and choose Picture. Select the file that contains the background and click OK. Drag the edges/corners of the text box to eliminate any white around the picture (you may also want to click Shape Outline and choose No Outline). Finally, click Wrap Text and choose Behind Text.
... to re-select a text box after sending it Behind Text, go to the Home tab and click Select > Select Objects to get a mouse pointer that can reach the box.
Courtesy of Jay Freeman, MVP Moderator (Jay also covers custom gradient fill in this post. We will show that in another tip next month or you can search for his complete post now.)

What Is That Extra Box Visible On All My Word Documents?
You could see that on your tickets, as well. To remove that phantom box go to File>Options>Advanced>Show Document Content, and Uncheck Show text boundaries.

What Are The License Options for TM15?
The ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION to TM15 entitles you to install The PrintBox Office Edition on up to three computers in your home or office.
Users are entitled to monthly updates which restore license to 10,000.
The TRIAL VERSION provides a trial license for evaluation.
The FREE VERSION does not contain a printing license, but all saved tickets are preserved for a period of 18 months, and samples can be run until such time that the user uninstalls TM15. License is restored upon resumption of annual subscription. Restoration from Subscription to Free and back to Subscription is available one (1) time within an 18-month period.

TRIAL and FREE versions are unlicensed until such time that the user upgrades to subscription status.

Users of TM15 subscriptions are eligible for free email-based technical support.
The PrintBox Group warrantees timely upgrades for new and corrected features and for automatic refills of the printing license for current subscribers.

Why Does My Ticket Expand To Fit Text?
Go to Table Options and make sure that the option 'Automatically resize to table contents' is Unchecked.
Also in the Layout tab under Cell Size Group select AutoFill and choose 'Fixed Column Size'.
These settings should be recognized as Defaults ... you should not need to set other tickets to keep their size.

Why Couldn't You Do That For Me?
Because those settings are specific to your machine ... we tried to set it for you! We found the answer when it did not work here...

Every ticket style has a matching Master Template located in the Format directory. Use File Open to open your template. Then you cn change size, color, font, etc. or you can eliminate the "No." entirely. But do no change the shaded Merge area. Caution: If you remove the No. completely, it is easy to confuse 666 with 999 or 1100 with 0011 in some font faces.

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