FullPerf Style uses margin space at top and bottom as part of the first and last tickets. Con: Space restricted by the "no print" area enforced by your printer. Pro: simple perf removal.

OnDemand Style Pro: 10 inches of vertical space can be used for live ticket text and graphics.  Con: there is 1/2" selvage at top and bottom but does not effect ticket if not removed.

Luxe Style (Special Order) Stub perforation only in this version. Tickets must be cut professionally after printing, TM15 can number this version in "drill-down" sequence. Result: no collating, no tear- offs; ready to staple into books.

Stubless Version. Used for invitations, ads, announcements. Uses OnDemand spacing. Available with FullPerf spacing on request.

Actual template examples for the Large ticket version are available here:

Full-Perf, LUXE, On-Demand, Stubless ..

NOTE: All styles are available to users of DIY-TICKETS.COM, our online app. Reserved and General Admission tickets can be produced with our data-aware product, WorldForms.net

MAC USERS: View FullPerf Template as PDF. View Luxe Template as PDF. View OnDemand Template as PDF. View Stubless Template as PDF. Help on PDF....