(animated view of available versions)

Style E Blanks are available in three versions:

Full-Perf. Tickets fill entire sheet by using margin space at top and bottom as part of the first and last tickets. But live space is reduced to 1.5" (3.8cm).  Result: white space around each ticket.

(On-Demand is not available in Style E.)

Luxe. Stub perforation only in this version. Tickets must be cut professionally after printing, TM14 can number this version in "drill-down" sequence. Result: no collating, no tear- offs; ready to staple into books.

Stubless. Used for invitations, ads, announcements. Full-Perf ticket spacing. Result: when stubs are not desired.

TEST FIRST.  Print any version of Style E to verify what is best for your needs. Full-Perf, LUXE, Stubless.

MAC USERS: View FullPerf Template as PDF. View Luxe Template as PDF. View Stubless Template as PDF. Help on PDF....