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Style G Blanks are furnished on 7"x11" card stock. Available in four versions:

Full-Perf. Tickets fill entire sheet by using margin space at top and bottom as part of the first and last tickets. But live space is reduced to 1.65".  Result: white space around each ticket.

On-Demand. The entire 2.0" vertical space can be used for live ticket text and graphics.  Result: there is 1/2" selvage at top and bottom which must be removed before selling tickets.

Luxe. Stub perforation only in this version. Tickets must be cut professionally after printing, TM14 can number this version in "drill-down" sequence. Result: no collating, no tear- offs; ready to staple into books.

Stubless. Used for invitations, ads, announcements. Full-Perf ticket spacing. Result: when stubs are not desired.

TEST FIRST.  Print any version of Style G to verify what is best for your needs. Full-Perf, LUXE, On-Demand, Stubless.

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