Ticket Software Versions

In 1989 we created a script so that our printing clients could number their own tickets.

Somebody decided to cut out all the vowels, and the name TKTMKR was born!

Within two years, 22,000 clients were using our script. The first version was written in Hypertext for the new Apple computers. We changed the name to TMPRO and provided versons which would run on every major desktop word processor ... WordPerfect, Word Star and Lotus. We developed a database which would support every printer of the time. When Microsoft introduced Windows 3.1 with their own printer database, the future was clear -- and its name was Microsoft Office.

PrintBox continued to develop features which made tickets actually easier to create than an ordinary letter... choose a style; enter your text; make a sample, pick a number to print and number -- average delivery time: 45 seconds (see it in operation at printbox.com-video).

and now ... TM16 for Business

You can run TM16 for Business and PrintBox Desktop Pro on any version of Windows. Every ticket format you select can be defined as a full Proof Page, Quotation, or Invoice (or all three).
The advantages are:
1) all documents relating to the ticket are saved in your TM16 folder.
2) a log is created for every ticket of that name showing the numbers you have printed (the log is editable, even deletable if you were just testing).
3) an EDIT option in TM16 allows you to go directly to the folder containing your favorite ticket ... no browsing through 48 different styles for your ticket.
4) you can create a complete file in seconds, and print up to 10,000 tickets per month.
5) PrintBox Desktop Pro extends the printing license to 50,000 per month -- when using commercial equipment.

(as a subscriber to TM14 you are eligible for a free upgrade to TM16. If you don't need The Business Features, they work just fine as 'Notes To Self'.)